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Our primary objective was to gain practical experience in developing generative AI and building b2b/b2c products in this rapidly growing domain. Start offering AI development services for different companies and start-ups. Go through the process of creating your AI product from start to finish, and learn to work with various generative models and the infrastructure for them.

As a result, we decided to concentrate our attention on software for businesses and individuals, helping them to get a high-quality business headshot based on simple selfies. We decided to build an AI product — Headpix, that allows companies, from small start-up teams to huge companies from different business niches, to cover their needs in business headshot photography.

AI Product Development Services

We provide advanced AI development solutions for businesses to benefit from the power of artificial intelligence. For the Headpix.ai project, we utilized a range of approaches and services.

The product Design System

We created a comprehensive Design System for Heapix's web application, with standardized components and elements that are unified under a single UI kit.

B2B Dashboard

We have designed and developed a special dashboard for business users and teams to manage their headshot process effectively.


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