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We help brands and retailers with custom e-commerce web development services that simplify the customer experience and boost conversions.

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Сustom E-commerce Development in Agente

In an era of market disruption, brands and retailers strive to understand what makes them unique and how to engage with customers in the most efficient way. We think the digital future holds a great revenue growth potential for retailers. We enable every business with the custom e-commerce web solutions to unveil this potential.

A custom e-commerce development company, Agente will understand your vision and help you execute e-commerce with purpose. We build online e-commerce & retail software and technology platforms that connect all parts of the e-commerce value chain.

Each product we make, be it an online store, a crowdsourcing marketplace, a price comparison website, or a POS system, has a well-thought user experience design that drives engagement, increases conversions, and keeps customers coming back.

E-commerce and Retail Marketplace Features

Product information management

With PIM, your stakeholders will have consistent and up-to-date product information in one place.

Inventory management

Inventory management functionality will streamline stock monitoring, picking, and shipping processes.

Order management

This feature allows managing orders from all sales channels and getting real-time notifications and status updates.


We increase the efficiency of e-commerce web development by integrating solutions with ERP, CRM, and payment systems.


An app for mobile e-commerce will leverage location-based retail marketing and boost mobile shopping rates.

Reports & Analytics

We build e-commerce performance reports and predictive analytics functionality to help you better understand your customers.

Benefits of Custom Online Commerce Web Development

Your business will
benefit from:

  • Scalable app architecture
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Location-based offers
  • Simple product management
  • Secure payments
  • Reports and analytics

Your customers
will love:

  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Custom recommendation systems
  • Easy repeat purchases
  • Personalized product offers
  • Customer support
  • Mobile shopping

Our Competence in E-commerce
Software Development

In-Depth Market Understanding

We’ve worked with many clients in the e-commerce industry and have gained solid experience in e-commerce website development, delivering online retail and marketplace software. We know what will work best to meet your business needs.


Each platform or marketplace we build is scalable and can be extended with more features and integrations. Our ecommerce website developers and designers choose innovative and low-cost technologies to ensure the most effective result possible.

On-Time & Within The Budget

Our experienced project management team ensures agile planning and effective communication that helps us to avoid misunderstandings and keep time and budget limits within the agreed project scope.

Custom Approach

We do detailed research of your business and analyze your niche and target audience. That helps us deliver custom e-commerce web development and offer specific UX and technology stack tailored to your needs.

Who We Deliver To

We offer full-cycle e-commerce development services for mid-sized and large businesses, online marketplaces and startups.


We work for brands that are setting up an e-commerce store. Our custom e-commerce software provides your store with functionalities to market, sell, ship, and manage products using the web and mobile channels.


We’ve built a number of scalable multi-vendor online marketplaces for B2B and B2C companies. Our experience with popular frameworks and platforms makes us a great choice for marketplace owners.


Setting up a new e-commerce business is a daunting task for an e-commerce startup. We’ll help you create an MVP: prioritize functionality, develop a beta version and launch your first e-commerce store or marketplace that scales.

Frequently asked questions

We gathered the answers to the most common questions we get about our e-commerce software development and design services at Agente.

Do you make custom ecommerce software?

Custom ecommerce web development and custom ecommerce web design services is one of our specialties, with over 50 projects successfully delivered to clients from various business domains. High notch ecommerce website develpers and designer are always ready to dive into new projects and helps your eCommerce business achieve new targets.

What kind of e-commerce projects do you develop?

We create e-commerce software for web and mobile interfaces, such as e-commerce websites, web stores, POS, and Shopify apps. We also can deliver both native and cross-platform mobile apps.

What features can you implement in an e-commerce software?

We can develop anything from basic functions like shopping cart development, payment gateway integration, and content management system, to advanced features such as voice recognition, chatbots, and telecom features.

What industries do you work with?

Agente builds innovative e-commerce products for startups, small, medium, and large businesses, representing various industries such as education, healthcare, finance, media, entertainment, gaming. We also provide classic retail website development services for retail shop owners.

Our E-commerce Projects

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LendLine is a white label SaaS solution for online lenders, banks and credit unions to lend at scale.

Workfusion is a leading vendor of Intelligent Automation solutions combining AI, RPA & machine learning capabilities for business process automation.

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