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vr in training agente

Integrating AR/VR With LMS: Benefits and Use Cases

Explore the synergy of AR/VR and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Discover the benefits and real-world use cases of this dynamic integration.

educational technology trends 2022

Education Technology Trends to Watch in 2023

Investing in education is crucial. Here are the Major EdTech trends that shaped education in 2023 and later.

Big data integration in LMS software

How to Enhance your LMS with Big Data & Learning Analytics

Discover how Big Data and Learning Analytics in LMS can improve employee training, increase ROI, and enhance learner satisfaction.

Educational website design 2022

Best Education Website Design to Create in 2023 | Agente

After reading our article, you will gain some ideas on where to start, what to include in your educational website design, and get some inspiration from best-designed educational websites.

build an online course website

How to Create a Custom Online Course Website From Scratch

Learn how to successfully create an online course website, what technology stack is used in doing so, and what benefits can be gained with custom online course website development.

Build an Online Learning Platform in 2022

Нow to Сreate an Online Learning Platform in 2023

A comprehensive view on how to build an online learning platform. Explore the must-have functionality to improve an existing LMS, build an MVP, or kick-start a full-featured education platform.

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