Sentigraph Case Study

Sentigraph — AI Predictive Insights App

The client came to us with an idea to design and develop a website for their innovative predictive insights product. Besides, they asked Agente to create mobile app prototype and a set of marketing materials.

Our team designed a visual identity for a product and developed a website and the prototype for a mobile app. Additionally, the team worked on the visual style for a whitepaper and the graphic materials for marketing.

Visual Concept

Our goal was to create the style in which bold accent neon colors would match the deep dark-blue background. To minimize unnecessary user interactions with the website and simplify the information perception, we suggested infinite scrolling navigation.

Products Designed

Responsive Website

In the course of website development, we used  HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. In this period, we closely collaborated with the client to agree on the website structure and arrange the content in a way that ensured a high conversion rate. We also worked on the responsive behavior of the website on mobile devices. The goal was to maintain the high level of user experience.

White Paper

A whitepaper followed the visual style of the website.

Mobile Application

A mobile app inherited the visual concept of the website. As a result, we designed a unique solution that allows a user to measure the hashtag popularity index and consequently, to predict how the audience will react to a particular event or post.

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