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The owner of the SubSaves project appealed to the Agente team with an idea of a self-made money-saving service for CIC countries. Earlier the special offers were being picked by hand and published in the Telegram chat manually. That process needed automation to make best deals searches easier. 

We started with market research to find the most convenient way to create an easy-to-use platform that will work like a best deal finder. With the client we developed a web app together with the chrome extension and also created a marketing website for promotional purposes. New platform provides fast and intuitive user experience and stands out from the competitors, providing not just coupons, but unique offers.

What is SubSaves?

SubSaves is the blogger's self-created project. It helps people to find not just discounts or coupons, but unique sales and offerings. After development SubSaves had two ways of delivering its services:

Finding discounts web app.

We created the client-server web program where customers can find best offers and deals. The users can see already existing deals or add the new ones. 

Chrome extension.

We have chosen this tool as the perfect solution for customizing user experience to tail the browser’s functionality to personal needs. The extension automatically shows all the sales, offers and promo-codes for over 1000 websites. 


Web app and extension user flows

The Agente team figured out smooth user flows for a promo code finder chrome extension and the web app. The offers are divided into several categories available for the customers. They can edit the list of the sources the promos come from and also save the best offers to favorites.


We created wireframes to provide a clear expression of the element placement on the page. All the functionality is easy to use but does not overwhelm the screens. 

UI Part

The Agente team created a functional and unique design. We organized all the functionality of the platform in a useful way. Now both admin and users are able to customise their experience.  The platform has a minimalistic design without distracting visual elements but with the color accents on the main elements and a clear typography. 

Discounts Catalogue and User Profile

(swipe left to view)

UI Extension Design

We created a unique modern design for the extension with clear elements and a user friendly workflow. 

Functionality overview

The functionality reflects the main goal—to provide a convenient and easy-to-use money-saving online-service:

  • Admin panel with the full control over the content
  • User panel
  • Sorting tools with filters
  • Categories module with the full control over the content
  • Offers module where deals can be created both manually and automatically added from the Admitad. Manually added deals can be edited by admin.
  • Module of offers added by admin or users (sales, promo codes, and unique promo codes)
  • An option to add, edit and switch off the platforms. 


We also created a landing page with a matching design for the project. It helps our client to promote their new platform. 


After conducting wide market and technology research, we developed a fully functional and responsive platform. The automatic coupon finder improves the user experience and allows faster and more handy maintenance of the project. The customers can download an extension and get access to the best deals automatically whenever they visit the shopping site or check deals manually. It’s also possible to open the web-app and scroll the offers in all the possible categories. 

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