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Ticket booking app

Tkit — Event Ticket Booking App

First, the client’s idea was to make a check-in app like Foursquare where users can tag places and leave reviews about them. In the process of work, the app requirements changed in favor of mobile and web apps for ticket booking and social networking.

As a result, we designed and developed a multifunctional iOS app for event management and online ticket booking. We also designed a responsive website that featured information about the events and had an admin panel for event-holders.

What is TKIT?

Tkit is a ticket booking and social networking app where businesses can list themselves and post events that are taking place. Users can find and book countless events that local businesses provide. The platform users can enjoy the power of social networking features to connect with family and friends, share the moments and manage their tickets and events calendar.

Information Architecture

Our team built the information architecture from scratch, carefully thinking about the possible user flows to provide the friendliest experience possible. The IA was scaled up several times as the app was developing.


On this stage, we worked on creating the sequence of high-fidelity wireframes for the app’s screens, carefully thinking out 
the navigation and possible user flows. That’s where we faced the challenge of combining several features — ticket booking, newsfeed and place listing — within one interface. We understood that too many options on the same screen can be confusing so we limited the main menu to five items. This significantly affected the whole experience of using the app.


UI Design

Then, based on the UX and information design we built, we applied Tkit brand colors, style guides and strategy to create a simple, intuitive and user-friendly design. We went with blue as the main color as this was Tkit’s brand color, with an accent on quality photos of places and events. We kept the navigation bar intuitive and simple, consisting of only the important links required for quick accessibility.

Ticket booking

The ticket booking section is available from the main menu. A user lands in this section where he sees the available events based on his location. One can view the event, book a ticket or like the event. All the liked and booked tickets are saved in the user profile and can be shown as a list or in the calendar (which is integrated with Google Calendar). The booking process is finished with the payment and checkout, where users can apply a promotion code for a discount.

Newsfeed and timeline

During some of the project milestones, the client added the functionality of a newsfeed to the profile so that users can share a photo and video posts from the events they have visited with their network, follow other users and businesses, and leave comments

Promo website

The web version of the app was created with two goals in mind: to promote Tkit on the web, among the desktop users,
and for business owners to add the event via the web and see advanced statistics on their profile’s activity.

Dashboard for business owners

The dashboard page is the first page that appears upon opening the admin panel if you are logged in as a business owner. The dashboard view summarizes monitoring information about all events, ticket sales, discounts,  taxes, and revenue. The dashboard is divided into six main sections, providing different information in each.

Add events

This a section for business owners that is available on both mobile and the web. Any business that holds events can claim a verified profile on Tkit and publish their event, add photos and videos and sell tickets. They also have a newsfeed where they can post updates on their profiles, comment, and like other posts.


The customer was satisfied with the result. The app is now at the testing, launch, and user acquisition stage. First, it will be made available for Saudi Arabian users, and then Tkit is planning to expand globally.

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