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Neumorphism in UI: Free Icon Set

neumorph ecommerce design

Welcome a new design trend – neumorphism! It seems like everyone’s in the design community talking about this trend in recent months. 

Neumorphism – new skeuomorphism – is a new term in UI design that is used to describe graphical elements that mimic real-world objects, like buttons. 

Unlike skeuomorphism, the fresh trend doesn’t look very realistic. Instead, neumorphic elements extrude a little from the background making using inner and outer shadows to create an illusion of volume shapes.

Being inspired by that trend, we at Agente couldn’t resist making our own set of neumorphic icons for one of our target industries – e-commerce. Our set consists of 20 most popular e-commerce icons that come in black and white colors.

neumorph icon set

And the main news is…. You can download them absolutely for freeJust click the link below and read the instructions inside on how to use it:

You are very welcome to mention our work on social media if you like it!

Remember that neumorphism is not a replacement to flat design. It’s a great addition to UI that is meant to make the interface more interactive, thus more engaging for users (as the legend has it).

Just take a look at how we played around with the trend to freshen up an e-commerce dashboard. We added some shadows and highlights to the main cards and applied some of the icons from our custom set. And here’s what we’ve got:

ecommerce dashboard

Do you like the new trend? What do you think about neumorphic design? Share your opinion with us.


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